Copper and Lead Free Mirror
Name:Copper and Lead Free Mirror
Clear,Grey,Green,Blue,Ultra,Clear,A wide range of colors
Green,Grey,Any appointed color according to RAL number
2mm, 3mm, 4mm,5mm,6mm etc.
1830x1220mm,2250x1605mm, 2000x1500mm(78.7”x59.1”),2440x1830mm(72

Product Description


REGENCO Copper and Lead Free Mirror is made with a super sensitized palladium chloride instead of the traditional copper layer. A

fter the glass is cleaned and rinsed, the surface of the glass is sensitized with a diluted solution of tin chloride. This surface treatment allows for the deposition of silver. 

Silver nitrate is sprayed onto the sensitized surface of the glass along with other chemical processes. 

The final outcome is the formation of a uniformed silver layer on the glass.



1.    Environmentally friendly, completely copper free and traces of lead in the wet basecoat.

2.    10 times more resistant to natural atmospheric corrosion in accordance with standards

3 times more resistant to scratches than standard mirrors

3.    Reflective Rate more than 90%

4.    Durable time more than 35 years



Copper and Lead Free Mirror can be used in many applications 

such as “green” building, panel wall, bathroom, furniture, Projection screens and so on.

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