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Tempered Glass

  • Tempered Glass
Name:Tempered Glass
GLASS COLORS:Clear Ultra Clear Blue: Dark Blue, Lake Blue, Ford Blue, Sky Blue, Royal Blue, Ocean Blue Green: Dark Green, French Green Grey: Dark Grey, Euro Grey, Mist Grey, Century Grey, Dark Black Bronze: Dark Bronze, Euro Bronze, Red Bronze Pink etc
SIZE:Maximum size: 3660x8000mm Minimum size: 200x200mm Could be produced as per request

Product Description


REGENCO Tempered glass is a toughened safety glass, which is produced by heating annealed glass in a furnace 

to at 620 degrees.After the furnace, the glass is rapidly cooled with jets of cold air, inducing compressive stresses to 

the surface while the center remains tensile. It is able to resist approximately a five times higher impact than normal glass.



Conforms to CCC, AS/NZS2208-1996, EN12150-1 and ASTM C1048



1.  The anti-impacting and anti-bending performances are 3-5 times stronger than normal glass.
2.  When broken, it splashes into tiny harmless pieces, no damage would be caused

3.  Tempered glass cannot be cut, drilled … All work done on glass(beveling, cutting, bending etc)must be done

 before tempering.



Curtain walls of buildings
External use of show windows, doors in office, house, shops etc
Interior glass screen, balustrades, etc
Safety windows of motor vehicles, boats and ships
Modern furniture, table-tops etc

Electrical appliances etc

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