Soft Coating Low-E Glass
Name:Soft Coating Low-E Glass
Blue,Green,Grey,Bronze,Clear, Can make a range of color as project’s requirement
3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm etc.
3300x2134/2140/2250/2440mm 3660x2134/2140/2250/2440mm etc Can be cut to suitable size and then make off line coating.

Product Description


Low-E Glass is one of coated glass that has higher reflection to the sunlight, wavelength from 2.5µm. Coated with one or 

more layers of metal or compound films on the quality float glass by using magnetic sputtering methods. It has low thermal conductivity 

and high transmittance, ensuring visible light transmittance and reducing light pollution based on prevention of heat loss.

Low-E divided into two series of colorless transparence and colored Low-E coated glass. Used in middle and high latitudes,

 colorless transparence glass’s transmittance is higher than 70%. It can stop heat energy indoor from scattering to raise 

temperature indoors. Used in low latitudes, colored glass (also called Sun-E Glass), can sunshade to a certain degree at the time 

of preventing energy from out.

Off-line Low-E Glass is a highly efficient energy saving product; obtained through the use of the Magnetron Sputter Vacuum 

Deposition(MSVD) method, where multiple layers of metal or nonmetal coats are applied on the surface of a top quality 

float glass substrate.



1.   High efficiency in energy saving and environmental production

2.   Wonderful performance in visible light transmission(wavelength 380um-780um)

3.   Approaches the natural color glass



Low-E Glass is widely used in double glazing windows, façade glazing etc

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